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Frank Besednjak

What Frank is About


Sincere, honest, kind, outspoken, critical yet helpful.  I am a Christian and conservative. Comfortable in front of a crowd. Constantly learning and growing.  I’m a cancer survivor. Not afraid to admit when I am wrong.  Willing to be uncomfortable, make mistakes, and take risks. Strong ability to see through BS. Love spending time with my children and grandchildren. Recognizing the value in every person, no matter what they look like, who they are, or what they do.

Also, enjoy cooking and messing with my landscaping.  A US Navy Veteran. Love Cleveland Indians baseball and am also a Cleveland Browns Fan.

What Frank is Not About


Taking advantage of others. Ignoring those who need help. Being self-centered. Caring about what the world thinks about what I say or do. Wasting time and money. Not following through on promises.  Impressing people with what I own or whom I know. Playing stupid games in business and life. Thinking I know everything. Not caring about real people who do matter. Sucking up to idiots who think they are God’s gift to the world. 

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Upcoming Shows
for 2022

May 24

Time Management (Actually should be called "Task Management")

June 07

Measuring Employee Satisfaction 
(How to use Workplace Climate Surveys) 

June 21

Why New
Managers Fail

July 05

Why Training Doesn't Always Work


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